75gb of data for $50 on data sims at optus  75gb of data for $50 on data sims at optus  75gb of data for $50 on data sims at optus

25GB with the $15 Data Plan for only $15/mth

(5GB + 20GB bonus monthly data for 24 mths.)

Get a Data Plan with 25GB for the first 24 mths on our $15 month-to-month Data Sim to use in an iPad or Tablet.

Offer ends 30/04/2020

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Save 20%, was $85/mth. Wireless Broadband setup is as simple as plug and play. Save 20%, was $85/mth. Wireless Broadband setup is as simple as plug and play. Save 20%, was $85/mth. Wireless Broadband setup is as simple as plug and play.

20% off $85/mth plan fees

Wireless Broadband setup is as simple as plug and play.

Min. total cost over 24 months is $1,632, incl. discount. Cost of 1MB data is $0.0002. Offer available until 31/03/20. New and recontracting services only. T&Cs apply.

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Mobile Broadband

Wireless Broadband

Get a flexible broadband connection with a 4G modem. Enjoy plug and play internet in your home or on the go with one of our great value plans.

Data SIMs

Grab a data SIM card and benefit from great data inclusions when you add it to your own iPad, tablet or modem.

iPads and Watches

Stay connected on the go with an iPad, tablet or smart watch. Avoid the big upfront costs and enjoy generous data inclusions.


5G is here. Are you ready?

5G is the next generation of connectivity and has the potential to bring us together like never before. Don’t miss out; join us as we start the 5G journey.

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Coverage and value

You don’t need to choose between a great network and great value. With Optus, you get both. Optus wireless broadband delivers high speed 4G internet on a range of value-packed plans.

At Optus, we’re constantly working to improve the performance of our network to ensure a better experience for all our customers. Available in all capital cities and an ever-increasing number of regional towns, our 4G Plus network reaches more Australians than ever before.

If you do have any issues with coverage on our mobile network, we’ll sort you out. With our coverage commitment you can say goodbye to us and we’ll cover your cancellation fee plus any remaining device credits when you return your device to us in good working order.

We’re eliminating blackspots and covering more areas so that Australians everywhere can experience the coverage and value of the Optus network.

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Easy installation

Wireless broadband with the at-home B818 modem doesn’t need a phone line or technician for installation: you just plug and play! If you’re on a property without a fixed phone line, then wireless broadband is tailor-made for you.

One of the biggest benefits of a wireless broadband connection with the at-home B818 modem is how easy it is to set up. You don’t need a professional installation and there’s no tangle of wires or complicated software setup. Instead, getting connected with your wireless broadband modem is as easy as plugging it in to your wall socket and getting started.

If you’re planning to move residence soon, nothing beats an easy internet setup and avoiding the hassle that can accompany a fixed line connection. We know internet is the last thing you want to worry about when you’re moving. Wireless Broadband makes it easy.

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Data that goes with you

Forget the hassle of transferring your internet and phone connection when you change address. With wireless broadband you can simply take the modem with you and then plug and play in your new home.

If you’re frequently on the move or not expecting to stay at your current residence for a long period, then wireless broadband makes the change easy. When you change address you won’t need to transfer your internet connection; you can just unplug your modem, take it with you, and then plug it in again. The modem is only tied to your account, not to an address, so you can use it anywhere.

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Flexible plan options

Not sure about your long-term intern plans? No worries. Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month contract with no start-up fees on wireless broadband. Alternatively, you can sign-up to a hassle-free 24-month plan. Choose what’s best for you!

You can choose to sign up to wireless broadband on either a 24-month plan or on a flexible month-to-month contract. The former means low upfront costs while the latter gives you complete flexibility if you decide to want to change your internet situation in the not-so-distant future.

Both offer great value and plenty of included data, so you can download, stream and browse without worrying. Choosing your plan type means you can pick the wireless broadband that best suits your current needs.

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